AC2000 Air Filter Regulator Lubricator 1/4"

AC Series air filter regulator lubricator,pneumatic filter regulator pressure gauge combination 1/4" Port, Gauge Port 1/8"
Manufacturer: XINWYANG

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1.F.R.L combination refer to Pneumatic filter,pressure regulating valve and lubricator,which are connected together without pipe.

2.F.R.L combination's connecting is in accordance with air intake direction,that is filter,regualtor and lubricator.

3.Pneumatic filter is used to clean air source and filter water in compressed air,to avoid water entering with air.

4.Purpose of valve is regulating pressure to make air source in stable state to reduce damege to valve and actuator.

5.Lubricator is used to lubricate kinetic parts to greatly extend life of the body.