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Photoelectric Sensors

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Balluff BLE 18KF-PA-1LT-S4-C , Photoelectric Sensors

BLE 18KF-PA-1LT-S4-C. Ordering code: BOS00CH. Through-beam sensor. Series 18KF. Working Range: 0...60 mm. PNP (2x), NO-NC (pins 4-2). Laser red light. DC, direct current. Characteristic data. Operating voltage. 10...30 V DC. Connection. Connector, M12x1-S04. Switching freq. f max. 1500 Hz. Indicator.
416.93 (BHD) 346.27 (BHD)

GS-05/24G Lezue Forked Photoelectric Sensor

1,766.67 (BHD) 1,554.67 (BHD)

E3FA-DP12 - Omron Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor

Omron Automation and Safety Photoelectric Sensors Diffuse 2M Cable PNP Straight 300mm
268.53 (BHD) 226.13 (BHD)

E3FA-DP22 - Omron Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor

OMRON E3FA-DP22 | Sensor: photoelectric; straight; Range:0.3m; PNP; Usup:10-30VDC
296.80 (BHD) 275.60 (BHD)

OJ5126 IFM Photoelectric sensors OJP-FPKG/SO/AS

OJ5126 - Photo-electric sensor
530.00 (BHD) 480.53 (BHD)

SICK - PL40A - Reflector

1012720 PL40A Standard, Plastic, 40x60mm, 2 holes. Reflector type
106.00 (BHD) 91.87 (BHD)

PL30A Sick Reflector

1002314 PL30A Standard, Plastic, 30x50mm, 2 holes. Reflector type,
106.00 (BHD) 84.80 (BHD)

C110A Sick Reflector

5304549 C110A Standard, Plastic, 83mm diamter, Center hole. Reflector type
127.20 (BHD) 106.00 (BHD)

WT100-P1439 Photoelectric Sensors

SICK WT100-P1439 Photoelectric Sensors 6026079
240.27 (BHD) 197.87 (BHD)

WT100-2P1439 Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric proximity sensor, energetic. Dimensions (W x H x D). 11 mm x 31 mm x 20 mm. Housing design
247.33 (BHD) 212.00 (BHD)

Sensor Reflectors 50X50MM Photoelectric

Reflector, Square Acrylic Target, 50 mm x 50 mm, Photoelectric Sensors
35.33 (BHD) 28.27 (BHD)

S50-MA-5-B01-PP Datalogic Photoelectric Sensors

S50-MA-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12 axial
282.67 (BHD) 247.33 (BHD)

E3Z-T86-D Omron Photoelectric sensor

Photoelectric sensor, PN. E3Z-T86-D, Omron
318.00 (BHD) 296.80 (BHD)

BR20M-TDTL Autonics Photoelectric Sensor

Sensing distance, 20m. Sensing target, Opaque material of min. Ø15mm. Light source, Infrared LED(850nm).
233.20 (BHD) 204.93 (BHD)

E3F2-DS30B4 2M OMRON Photoelectric Sensor

photoelectric; Range: 0÷0.3m; PNP
197.87 (BHD) 148.40 (BHD)


0.00 (BHD)