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BR20MTDTL Autonics Photoelectric Sensor

BR20M-TDTL Photoelectric Sensor Through Beam, 20 Meter Range, 18mm Round Brass, Light On, NPN Output, 12 - 24 VDC
330.00 (SAR) 280.00 (SAR)

PRT12 4DO Autonics Inductive Proximity Sensor

PRT12-4DO Autonics Inductive Proximity Sensor 12mm Round, Non-Shielded, DC, NO, 2 Wire, 12 - 24 VDC
180.00 (SAR) 150.00 (SAR)

E3FA-RP21 Omron Photoelectric Sensor, Reflex‎

E3FA-RP21 - The E3FA range of compact photoelectric sensors from Omron are simple and quick to mount and easy to set up due to the large adjuster and high power LED indicator making alignment easier
200.00 (SAR) 160.00 (SAR)

E2B-M12KS04-WZ-B2 Omron Proximity Sensors

OMRON E2B-M12KS04-WZ-B1 2M Proximity sensor Output type: PNP.
200.00 (SAR) 170.00 (SAR)

E3F2 DS30B4 Omron Photoelectric Sensor

E3F2 -DS30B4 Omron Photoelectric SensorTubular, S15 Series, Diffuse, 350 mm, PNP, 12 V to 30 V. ... 1774933 - Photoelectric Sensor, Tubular, S15 Series, Diffuse, 350 mm, PNP, 12 V to 30 V.
190.00 (SAR) 170.00 (SAR)

XS4P30MB230 Telemecanique inductive sensor

XS4P30MB230 Telemecanique NC Inductive Sensor 15 mm Detection Range, Barrel 70mm length, 24 → 240 V ac/dc, IP68
380.00 (SAR) 320.00 (SAR)

XS4P12PA370 Telemecanique inductive sensor

Telemecanique Sensors PNP Inductive Sensor 4 mm Detection Range, Barrel 52mm length, 12 → 48 V dc, IP68
250.00 (SAR) 220.00 (SAR)

FD-620-10 - Autonics Cable, Fiber Optic, Diffuse Reflective

Cable, Fiber Optic, Diffuse Reflective, 6mm Threaded End, 30R, 2m Length
350.00 (SAR) 320.00 (SAR)

SICK - KT5G-2N1111 Intensity Colour Contrast Sensor

10 mm Green LED Light Intensity Colour Contrast Sensor, NPN, 100 mA, 10 - 30 V dc, IP67
1,600.00 (SAR) 1,300.00 (SAR)

SICK - PL40A - Reflector

1012720 PL40A Standard, Plastic, 40x60mm, 2 holes. Reflector type
150.00 (SAR) 130.00 (SAR)


OMRON E2B-M12KS04-WZ-B2 2M Proximity sensor Output type
245.00 (SAR) 230.00 (SAR)

BF3RX-Autonics Fiber Optic Sensors

BF3RX-P Fiber Optic Sensors; Amplifier, Fiber Optic, Light and Dark On, PNP Output, 12-24 VDC .
420.00 (SAR) 390.00 (SAR)

IFM E20051 sensor

Fibre optic diffuse reflection sensor
416.00 (SAR) 390.00 (SAR)


CR30-15AO - AUTONICS - CAPACITIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR AC 2-wire type 100-240VAC~. Sensing side diameter, M30.
238.00 (SAR) 210.00 (SAR)