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DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set, 108-Pc

DEWALT has a well-earned reputation for designing and manufacturing many of the world's most reliable and best-performing professional-grade power tools. Now DEWALT has applied that same no-nonsense, Guaranteed Tough philosophy to its new line of heavy-duty hand tools. The DEWALT DWMT73801 mechanics Tool set is ideal for most fastening applications and includes both 3/8 in. and 1/4 in. ratchets and sockets, nut driver and bits, and hex keys.
400.00 (SAR) 380.00 (SAR)

1550C FLUKE - 5 kV Insulation Tester

Fluke 1550c Megohmmeter/insulation Resistance Tester 5kv
12,000.00 (SAR) 11,800.00 (SAR)

BST-IT706 BESANTEK Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester 5kV

5,900.00 (SAR) 5,600.00 (SAR)

BST-MG08: Multi-Gas Detector DataLogger with Air Pump

BESANTEK Multi-Gas Detector DataLogger with Air Pump is applied to underground coal mining, petrochemical industry, municipal, environmental protection and other spaces where multi gas may exist.
3,900.00 (SAR) 3,600.00 (SAR)

MAX XT II Multi-Gas Detectors Honeywell

Go the distance and save with this smart, simple and economical way to compliance.
3,990.00 (SAR) 3,890.00 (SAR)

BST-NT19 -BESANTEK High Temperature IR Thermometer

Temperature IR Thermometer with K Type Thermocouple and USB Interface
1,900.00 (SAR) 1,800.00 (SAR)

42570 Extech’s Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer

Extech’s Dual Laser InfraRed Thermometer
2,100.00 (SAR) 2,000.00 (SAR)

PH100 Waterproof ExStik pH Meter

Waterproof ExStik pH Meter
550.00 (SAR) 450.00 (SAR)

115-115 S-F Mitutoyo 0-25mm Tube Micrometer

650.00 (SAR) 590.00 (SAR)

566 Fluke Infrared & Contact Thermometer

IR / Infrared Thermometer, -40°C to +650°C, 1 %
2,100.00 (SAR) 1,900.00 (SAR)

EX530-KIT - Extech Industrial MultiMeter Test Kit

True RMS Heavy Duty Industrial MultiMeter
1,100.00 (SAR) 980.00 (SAR)

511-712 Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gage: 35-60mm

Mitutoyo 511-712 35 to 60mm Bore Gauge Standard Type
950.00 (SAR) 850.00 (SAR)

511-713 Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gage: 50-150mm

Mitutoyo 511-713 50 to 150mm Bore Gauge Standard Type
1,000.00 (SAR) 950.00 (SAR)

188-121 Mitutoyo Screw Pitch Gage, 0.4mm to 7mm

Mitutoyo 188-151, Screw Pitch Gage, 4 - 42 TPI and 0.4 - 7mm, 51 Leaves, Inch/Metric
250.00 (SAR) 220.00 (SAR)

188-122 Mitutoyo Screw Pitch Gage, 0.4mm to 7mm,

Mitutoyo Screw Pitch Gage, 0.4mm to 7mm, 21 Leaves,
250.00 (SAR) 220.00 (SAR)

188-151 Mitutoyo Screw Pitch Gage, 4 - 42 TPI and 0.4 - 7mm

Mitutoyo 188-151 Metric-Unified Screw Pitch Gage .4-7mm/4 - 42TPI 51 Leaves
400.00 (SAR) 350.00 (SAR)

186-902 Mitutoyo Radius Gage Set, 26 Leaves, 0.5mm

Mitutoyo 186-902 Radius Gage .5-13MM 26 PC .5MM INCREMENT
700.00 (SAR) 680.00 (SAR)

1160T Mitutoyo Back plunger Dial Indicator, 0.01 x 5mm

Mitutoyo 1160T Back plunger Dial Indicator, 0.01 x 5mm Range, 0-100 Accuracy
450.00 (SAR) 400.00 (SAR)

513-415-10T Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator

Mitutoyo 513-415-10T Dial Test Indicator Full Set Standard 1 mm Long
800.00 (SAR) 720.00 (SAR)

511-723 Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gage, 50-150 mm, 0.001

Mitutoyo 511-723 Dial Bore Gage, 50-150 mm, 0.001 mm Graduation,
1,200.00 (SAR) 1,100.00 (SAR)

293-821-30 Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer 25mm

Mitutoyo 293-821-30 Digimatic Micrometer 25mm Metric IP65 Ratchet Stop
700.00 (SAR) 650.00 (SAR)

293-345-30 Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer 1-2" Range

Mitutoyo 293-345-30 Micrometer 1-2"/25-50mm IP65 Ratchet
1,800.00 (SAR) 1,600.00 (SAR)

293-341-30 Mitutoyo Outside Digital Micrometer, 1-2 "

Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer 1-2in 25.4-50.8mm
1,200.00 (SAR) 950.00 (SAR)

530-312 Mitutoyo 6"x150mm Vernier Caliper

Mitutoyo 530-312 vernier caliper outside inside jaw 0-150mm and 0-6" high accuracy
250.00 (SAR) 220.00 (SAR)

530-118 Mitutoyo 8"x200mm Vernier Caliper

Mitutoyo 530-118 8"x200mm Vernier Caliper
400.00 (SAR) 360.00 (SAR)

530-502 Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 0-1000mm Range

Mitutoyo 530-502 Vernier Caliper Range: 1000mm Graduation: .05mm
4,500.00 (SAR) 4,100.00 (SAR)

500-193 Mitutoyo Digital Caliper Range of 0-12"/ 300mm

Mitutoyo 500-193, Digimatic Digital Caliper
2,800.00 (SAR) 2,400.00 (SAR)

500-197-20 Mitutoyo Digital Caliper Range 200mm (8in)

Mitutoyo 500-197-20 Digimatic Digital Caliper
900.00 (SAR) 860.00 (SAR)

530-119 Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper: 0-300mm -12"

Mitutoyo 530-119 Vernier Caliper
650.00 (SAR) 600.00 (SAR)

141-102 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer: 1" - 2" Range

Mitutoyo 141-102 Inside Micrometer 1-2/.001
850.00 (SAR) 780.00 (SAR)

141-104 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer 1 - 2" Range

Mitutoyo 141-104 Vernier Inside Micrometer
1,200.00 (SAR) 1,050.00 (SAR)

141-121 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer 8-20 "Range

Mitutoyo 141-121 8-20" Inside Micrometer with 3 rods
1,800.00 (SAR) 1,600.00 (SAR)

511-415 Mitutoyo Blind Hole Bore Gage 10-16" Range

Mitutoyo 511-415 Mechanical Blind Hole Bore Gauge
1,800.00 (SAR) 1,500.00 (SAR)

133-223 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer 2" - 3" Range

Mitutoyo 133-223 Tubular Inside Micrometers
700.00 (SAR) 600.00 (SAR)

141-233 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer: 2" - 12" Range

Mitutoyo Inside Micrometer Interchangeable Rod Type 2-12''
1,200.00 (SAR) 150.00 (SAR)


Premium Valve Lockout Kit offers a good combo of Valve Lockouts that you require for locking out different kinds of valves. Take a look at the components of this premium kit
2,300.00 (SAR) 2,100.00 (SAR)


Basic Lockout Kit offers the basic safety lockout products from all the categories that you require for lockout/ tagout applications. Take a look at the components of this kit
1,500.00 (SAR) 1,380.00 (SAR)


Lockout Kit offers all the Valve Lockouts that you require for locking out different kinds of valves and also a personal lockout pouch to carry the required lockout tools.
1,700.00 (SAR) 1,500.00 (SAR)


Safety Lockout Padlocks Keyed Different Long Shackle
46.00 (SAR) 43.00 (SAR)

Insulation Tester Digital 5Kv - IT51

The Motwane IT-51 is a microprocessor based Digital Insulation tester designed for testing of all types electrical installation like transformers, switchgear, motors, generators and utility substation equipment’s.
7,800.00 (SAR) 7,200.00 (SAR)

Digital Multimeter - M21C

Motwane’s M21C handy is a Technician Grade, “M”-series pocket-sized, general purpose, handy Digital Multimeter. M21C handy comes with the trustworthy Motwane reliability
350.00 (SAR) 300.00 (SAR)

Digital Multimeter Insulation Tester 1KV

The MOTWANE's multipurpose tester Model MIRT-61 is a Versatile, battery operated Digital insulation tester with true RMS industrial grade multimeter features best suited for industrial preventive maintenance.
2,000.00 (SAR) 1,800.00 (SAR)

Safety Lockout Hasp 38mm Jaw

This Safety Lockout hasp has a Jaw Size of 38 mm and can hold upto 6 padlocks.
22.00 (SAR) 18.00 (SAR)

513-462-10E Mitutoyo Horizontal Dial Test Indicator,

Mitutoyo 513-462-10E Horizontal Dial Test Indicator, Basic Compact Standard Set, 0.03" Range.
1,250.00 (SAR) 950.00 (SAR)

HSS 4241 Saw blade 100/22/0.5mm 200 Teeth

HSS 4241 Material- Made in China
110.00 (SAR) 65.00 (SAR)


40.00 (SAR) 35.00 (SAR)


690.00 (SAR) 650.00 (SAR)

LM-ULPP-LS-KD-B, Safety Lockout Padlocks Keyed

Safety Lockout Padlocks Keyed Different 75mm Long Shackle Blue Color
35.00 (SAR) 30.00 (SAR)

PROTO07536M Socket,Impact,3/4in Square Drive36

Socket Impact, Part#PROTO07536M, 3/4in Sqaure Drive x 36mm x 6 points, metric deep, HQ BRAND,MADE IN GERMANY,LONG BLACK
45.00 (SAR) 40.00 (SAR)