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Insulation Tester Digital 5Kv - IT51

The Motwane IT-51 is a microprocessor based Digital Insulation tester designed for testing of all types electrical installation like transformers, switchgear, motors, generators and utility substation equipment’s.
270.40 (HKD) 249.60 (HKD)

Digital Multimeter - M21C

Motwane’s M21C handy is a Technician Grade, “M”-series pocket-sized, general purpose, handy Digital Multimeter. M21C handy comes with the trustworthy Motwane reliability
12.13 (HKD) 10.40 (HKD)

Digital Multimeter Insulation Tester 1KV

The MOTWANE's multipurpose tester Model MIRT-61 is a Versatile, battery operated Digital insulation tester with true RMS industrial grade multimeter features best suited for industrial preventive maintenance.
69.33 (HKD) 62.40 (HKD)